Do you want to find important brands for selling in your Country ?

Do you want to save min. 20 % on the purchase of the most famous brands for your POS ?
Do you want someone who checks the goods' originality and helps you with import operations ?
Do you want someone who pass you and all your staff all secret to meet with success the fashion world ?
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Italian fashion
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Professional purchasing and management of retail chains, Department Stores, Duty-free shops, Shops, Boutiques, Outlets and Stock houses.
International sales agent and dealer for Italian clothing and fashion. Sales and marketing services for importers and exporters of Made in Italy fashion, clothing and accessories. Trade intermediary services, sales consultancy and marketing, support services for buying offices in international companies and entrepreneurs.

We bring together international commerce with Italian Fashion Design, and International Fashion Design with the best Italian and world distribution networks.

Italian fashion supplier and wholesaler. Wholesale of apparel, bag, brands, clothing, cloths, dress, handbags, jeans, shoes, overstocks. Fashion and cloth distributors.
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